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Ubuntu: Should Africa modifies this?

Africa is a peculiar continent. Some of our traditions and culture are empowering while others need re-evaluation. Some that are empowering in some cases may need review. The real deal is are we ready to hold the difficult conversations around these traditions and culture which may be empowering or hindering national and continental progress?   In this episode we will be discussing ‘is there a limit to Ubuntu?’   Ubuntu in Zulu, South Africa, is a Nguni Bantu term meaning “humanity”. It is sometimes translated as “I am because we are” or “I am because you are”. This concept has different pronunciation or orientation across Africa. But it means same thing as being your brothers’ keeper or to always seek the good of others or the community especially if you are favoured with fortune or wealthy. This concept also relates to family and that family members are one.   Ubuntu also connotes a person is a person through other people strikes an affirmation of one’s humanity through recognition of an “other    The spirit of communality this concept preaches had helped well-meaning or wealthy individuals within the community to assist other less fortunate individuals in the society.   As great as this concept is, it has been discovered to push heavy burden or responsibility on anyone who had made fortune by all means. S/he must therefore bears the burden of everyone else or else s/he is considered ingrate and cruel.   The truth is this concept had brought many down as one man in the midst of ten poor people often become the next. Also in certain cases, the concept might have increased the sense of entitlement from many less privilege individuals in the society to compel or demand a share of the rich man’s booties. Is there a limit or need to re-evaluate this concept? If we must here are some opinions.   1-Teach people to work hard and learn to take personal responsibility for their lives. 2-Discourage a sense of entitlement. There is need to preach ‘no one owes you anything, it is a privilege to receive 3-Access or relationship should not be abused 4-Being part of a larger society should not become heavy burden to bear.     In closing how has this concept helped you and can you relate share some of the benefits and burdens attached as a family member?   Thank you for your time. Please do subscribe and follow our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube handles     
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