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Betrayal in Personal, Corporate and Diplomatic relations?

Many are confused when betrayal happens. But wherever there are humans, the possibilities of betrayal  are always there? When this happens, usually many do not know how to move forward. It is a difficult  conversation many cannot handle. Betrayal hurts and can set the victim back hundreds of years apart if allowed. The pain, agony associated with betrayal at any level can be impactful.   Betrayal threatens our instinct to trust and relate with people again. The closer to us the perpetrator of the act is, the more the pain. In fact deep betrayal often comes from people who are part of our inner chamber. Betrayal can cause its victim untold trauma.   With this said, today’s episode focuses on ‘What happens after betrayal?’ Should betrayal be allowed to do the extreme damage where the victim  becomes a recluse than a real victor?   Case study: I recently had a conversation with a man whose life had turned upside down because his lovely wife left with another man after he lost his huge business to bad decisions and he could not provide any more.   This left him completely devastated and  he resulted into drinking and many other vices that are destroyed him as well as the children left in his care.   The question is despite the pain and trauma associated with betrayal,  should we give betrayal such a huge power to drive the outcomes of our lives or to pick up the broken pieces and make a strong comeback? We strongly believe betrayal or any other situation or circumstance should not be given such absolute power. Victim should step back, pick up the pieces and run. That way the victim wins.   What are the  best things that should happen after betrayal?   -Be honest, acknowledge the impact   -Accept the effects and changes the act of betrayal  bring  to you and respond positively  to the effect without denying  the facts. If you do not ,you will become victim of change.   -Do not play the blame game: Looking for whom to blame will never resolve anything.   -If you need help, know and selectively make  the right choice   -Be brutal with good decisions you need to make going forward.   -Stop searching for Revenge avenue, you will waste time and energy.   -Channel your energy to sowing good deeds or being a good person who is dependable.   -Never be negative about other people you come across along the way.   -Go all out after your dreams again and achieve them.  This include relationship, business or whatever. That will give you a good feelings about yourself.   Betrayal is bad and traumatic, but never surrender your power or leadership to external forces.  Take charge of your own life. Make the right turn, learn the lesson but be on top of your game. Life will bring new people with fresh and good spirit along the way if you remain positive and optimistic   Thank you for your time. Please do subscribe and follow our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube handles   
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