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Difficult Conversation Africa is a premier pan Africa non-profit project of Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals which addresses accountability conversations many are afraid to engage in. This is because such conversations can engender or lead to disunity, war and destruction if not properly managed. But researches had shown such conversations must be held except the individuals, groups, nations involve just want to postpone the evil days. 

A major objective of this initiative is to establish and promote best strategy, tactics and execution of accountable or difficult conversations within a contextual Africa framework through a community led solutions, remedies; build a community of ambassadors who champion this cause to ensure peaceful resolution of issues that can degenerate into wars and destruction.

The platform will lead in this process of stepping up these conversations while it works with its ambassadors and relevant stakeholders.

Our Vision

Build Accountable and Sustainable open society

Our Mission

By using all available communications tools, media platforms, Difficult Conversation Africa  will promote accountable  sustainable open society in its three focal areas. It hopes to do this by stepping up conversation around accountability issues without prejudice  and firework
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