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Difficult Conversation basics

No one can effectively hold a difficult conversation without a level of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence in simple terms is ‘The ability to manage one’s emotions and that of others. What does it entail? It demands enhanced social skills, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and self-awareness. The essence of emotional intelligence in Difficult Conversation is because difficult conversation may require firing someone, ending a relationship, or telling bad news. Emotional intelligence comes to play here.   Difficult conversation can sometimes be forceful, decisive, and risky Do you want to be a better person at holding Difficult Conversations? Here are the basics you must know or come to the table with
  • Have a good handle on the problem/issue
  • Know when to hold the conversation? This includes when to invite the Other Person to meet you and Allocate Enough Time 
  • Know or carefully itemize what you are going to Say 
  • What outcome do you want?
  • Know the other person’s view of the problem.
  • If it is bad news Build conversation up Gradually
  • Ask and Listen
  • Do not make it entirely ‘Blame Game session’ Avoid this if you can
  • Admit your own mistakes and apologize.
  • Be Clear but Unemotional. Show Respect
  • Try to End on a Positive Note
Difficult conversations are a tough but necessary part of being a responsible adult, organization, and nation. If you prepare well and stay calm you will be glad that you had the meeting. Thank you for your time. Please do subscribe and follow our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube *Watch out for the video of this.
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