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Africa concept of feminism must be defined

Feminism is sometime negatively viewed in Africa.    Wikipedia sees ‘Feminism as a range of social movementspolitical movements, and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes’    Feminism in simple term is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes’.   If this is so, why do we see women in Africa who profess to be feminists as arrogant, non-submissive, proud and wayward among other derogatory terms?   We think there is nothing wrong about pushing for equality in a positive way where all humans are equal and none is inferior to other. Even our holy books speak of honouring and respecting womanhood and they should be treated like a creature of same kind. At least that is what Christian Bible teaches.   Though there are some cultural and patriarchal systems that see women as a tool. In this episode our focus is ‘what is African concept of feminism and how can we improve? The foundation of wrong perception of feminism in Africa are: 1-Many women actors are not sincere 2-It has been associated with strong , forceful and arrogant women. 3-A wrong perception of ‘wrestling power had been erroneously pushed. 4-Many believed it is against personal or religious beliefs 5-Gender biases are active and real but many do not believe it is.   If Africa must get this concept right, we may need to begin with   1-Everyone sees people as equal irrespective of gender 2-understand that unfairness to one is unfairness to all 3-When women are empowered or become ‘equal’ everyone enjoys. 4-Men are not intimidated by their girls or women success 5-Women actors must push the right message   We believe if we start from here, we may be on our way to total freedom.   Thank you for your time. Please do subscribe and follow our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube handles
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